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Seychelles Destination and Holidays
  ' The ultimate travel experience '   


Vision Voyages DMC Pty Ltd being a newly appointed Destination Management Company in the Seychelles, we seek to distinguish our business and offer our services with a difference to be ‘the Seychelles Travel Facilitator’.

The Management of Vision Voyages DMC Pty Ltd has contracted with numerous suppliers, Local and International, with innovated Products and Services to meet the demands of our clients and giving them an exceptional holiday of luxury and total relaxation.

v   Meet and Greet:

Seychelles Holidays & Destination

Our staff will be at the International Airport to welcome your clients upon arrival, provide assistance on all major points of arrivals and departures; according to their itinerary, visits at their hotels and twenty four hours service throughout their stay in Seychelles. We work as a team to give ultimate service to our customers.

          ·         Assist on all major points of Arrival & Departure

v   Land transfers:

Seychelles Holidays & Land Transfers

We can offer a wide range of transportation for your travel on the three main islands, Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, to give you the option of travelling in style, be it in Doubles or family groups.

  • Coach transfer
  • Private cars
  • VIP cars
  • Chauffeur drive

v   Accommodations:

Seychelles Holidays & Accommodations

The Seychelles Islands are known for its diverse ecological and mass tourism protection, offering a wide range of accommodations; from large hotels, to small luxury island resorts to a homely type of establishments giving our customers a choice of product to create their own itinerary.

  • Guest Houses
  • Self-Caterings
  • Bungalows
  • Villas
  • Large Hotels
  • Small Hotels
  • Resorts & Spas
  • Lodges
  • Island Resorts
  • Floating accommodations 

v   Domestic flights & Ferry Transfers:

Seychelles Holidays & Ferry Transfers

Services that offer our esteem customers a choice of travel to visit the other islands in comfort. Island hopping by air will only take a few minutes to get to your destination or a one hour ferry crossing to Praslin home to the famous Coco de Mer palm and commuting to the enchanted island of La Digue by the traditional schooner or the fast catamaran.

Seychelles Domestic Flights


          ·         Air Seychelles
          ·         Helicopter Seychelles
·        IDC

          ·         Praslin Express
          ·         Cat Cocos
          ·         Inter Island Ferry
          ·         Cat Rose 

v   Nautical:

Seychelles Nautical & Holidays



The North-west winds between the months of October to March, the sea is generally calm and the weather warm and humid, with average winds of 8-12 knots with the rainy season December to February.
The months between May to September brings drier, cooler weather and livelier seas, especially on the South-Eastern coasts and winds of 10-20 knots.


Experiencing the best diving of your life in crystal waters bursting with a diversity of marine life waiting to be discovered and where few have gone before. Diving can be done all year round in safe waters, taking into consideration its climate.
PADI certified centres offers facilities such as; Diving instruction, introductory courses and international diving licenses. Diving option includes:

  • PADI certified courses:
  • Scuba diver
  • Open-water diver
  • Advanced dive
  • Short and long range dives
  • Night dives
  • An assortment of dive packages bundled with other activities

Fishing Charters:

Fishing can also be enjoyed year round, throughout the Seychelles waters, taking into consideration its climate. One can do many types of professional and leisure fishing such as; Bottom-line fishing, Big game fishing, Trolling, Fly-fishing, and traditional fishing is done by mostly local fishermen to earn a living but can also be seen as leisure fishing.

Yacht Charters:

Comprising of 115 islands, Seychelles is surrounded by ocean suitable for luxury nautical holidays, especially between September to May, whereby the sea is more favorable to those who prefer calm seas. We can accommodate your request for luxury yachts, for a relaxing get away, for Honeymooners or for a simple romantic holiday, going from island to island and discovering the characteristic and beauty of each one of them.

Island Hopping with a Tailor-made Service

Seychelles Hotels and Resorts

The environmental, geographical and cultural aspects of Seychelles are all part of the islands characteristic and offer a wonderful experience as a holiday destination.

Exploring the three main islands, Mahe, Praslin and La Digue featuring all types of accommodation, land marks and historical sites in an island hopping style would be more adventurous and an experience of a life time. For a more relaxing and leisure, the ultimate “one island, one resort” type of island hopping holidays would be ideal. We also offer Tailor-made programmes to suit your requirements and those of your clients.

v Wedding and Honeymoon Packages 

Seychelles Honeymoon Packages & Holidays

Vision Voyages DMC Pty Ltd can organize your wedding in style with a stress free environment. We can assist you to pick a site of preference; be it on the beach, in a garden or private location.

All you have to do is jus give us the general theme, style and requirements of your wedding ceremony and the ideal nest you want to spend the first night as husband and wife, and our staff will be more than happy to assist and make this day a memorable one.

We also extend our services to all your guests attending your wedding, with their accommodations, transfers and other services they may require.

v Tours & Excursions 

Seychelles Tours and Excursions

Sightseeing of Mahe:
Mahe is the main island and there are so many sites to visit. One of the most photographed monuments of all is the centre piece of Victoria; the Clock Tower, a guided tour of the Botanical Garden haven to some endemic plants, palm trees, the famous coco de mer palm and giant land tortoises, a visit to the local market and lunch at one of the creole restaurant. After lunch a stop at famous Bel Air cemetery, driving up to the Morne Seychellois National Park, onwards into the tea and vanilla plantation and the ruins of the famous Mission Lodge – visited by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the 2nd and His Majesty the Duke of Edinburgh, who on the 20th March 1972 opened a viewing lodge at the present site with an amazing breathtaking views for photo shoot and a stop on the beach for a quick dip in the ocean before returning to the hotel.

Ste Anne Marine Park :
This excursion will introduce you to the small islands of the Ste Anne Marine Park and the surrounded underwater world.

Departing Mahe Island in a glass bottom boat, will take you to the marine park where you will marvel at the delights of the under water world and looking back on the main land enjoying the spectacular view of the high mountains. The boat will glide onto the reefs giving you a spectacular view of the colorful world under and the guide will provide you with the bread for fish feeding before landing on one of the islands for snorkeling amongst the coral reef. At lunch time the finest creole buffet will be served leaving you with the savory of the creole cuisine. The afternoon will be leisurely spent sunbathing, snorkeling, strolling on the beach, or just lazily dosing off under a tree before returning to the main land.

Praslin and La Digue by Air or Boat:

An enchanting visit to the two island Praslin and La Digue and experience the diversity of the Seychelles Islands. On Praslin, the second largest inhabited island, you will visit the wondrous Vallee de Mai, UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the famous love nut, the amazing coco-de-mer, unique to the Seychelles and the Black Parrot and numerous other species of flora & fauna. A short visit to the Anse Lazio beach, ranked among the finest beaches in the world, before continuing on your journey with a short crossing by the local schooner to the island of La Digue with a visit to the traditional farm of L'Union Estate, passing by the old cemetery, as you reach the Estate, you can find an ancient copra factory, giant land tortoises and horses. Afterwards a rest on the beautiful beach at Grand Anse, with a fabulous Creole luncheon at the local restaurant set up on the Grand Anse Beach.

Cousin, Curieuse and St. Pierre:

A trip to three of the most visited island reserves in the Inner Island group. Starting off the day with a stop on Cousin Island; home to some of Seychelles' rarest birdlife, then to Curieuse Island; ancient leper colony, famous for its museum and enthralling biodiversity which includes specimens of the coco-de-mer and at lunch time you can enjoy a typical creole cuisine. Finally, your boat will call at beautiful St. Pierre Island, famous for its amazing snorkeling raw natural beauty.

A short trip by boat to this island, home to a more breeding variety of seabirds ever seen on the other surrounding islands and has the largest group of Noddy and Sooty Terns. After the guided tour, a barbecue lunch is served by the beach with ample time for a swim, snorkel or relax on the beach before returning to main land.

Scenic Flights:
An aerial view of Seychelles with its dramatic ocean and mountain on a scenic helicopter ride will allow you to explore graceful island contours, hidden valleys and secret coves. We can organize scenic flights of 25 or 45 minutes duration from Mahe, Praslin or La Digue, depending on availability with a maximum of four passengers.

Nature Walks & Trails:
The Seychelles Islands boast 115 islands, has a diversity of flora and fauna, much of which can be discovered by exploring the variety of Nature walks and trails on the three main islands; Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, from the coastal wetlands and tropical forests to mist of the granite mountains. An opportunity to discover Seychelles' nature on a guided walks, which range from the most difficult and vigorous trails to the easiest and less-demanding walks, all giving you a satisfaction of enjoying the stunning nature of the Seychelles.

v Nature Walks 

Seychelles Nature Walks & Holidays

We currently offer the following walks and trails:
Vacoa Nature Trail

Morne Seychellois National Park:
- Mission Lodge
- Glacis Trois Freres
- Dans Galas
- Mare Aux Cochons
- Anse Major
- Morne Blanc
- Copolia
- Casse Dent
- Salazie – Fairview

v Car Rental 

Seychelles Car Rental

Be at leisure and explore the two main islands; Mahe and Praslin at your own pace by renting a car at your convenience. Vision Voyages DMC Pty Ltd has contracted with various car rental agencies to provide a selection of vehicles for our clients.

v Outbound Packages:

Seychelles Outbound Packages & Holidays

Vision Voyages DMC Pty Ltd being a Travel Agent can fly you to any destination of your choice and has a network of contacts with many International carriers, local airline and Hoteliers worldwide to offer its customers a choice of travel, accommodations and provide entry visa service where possible, giving them “the ultimate travel experience”.

We can accommodate in a selection of hotels and apartments, in different category ranging from small guest houses, apartments to luxurious accommodations suiting the requirements of our customers.


Our staff can guide you on any other request or assistance you may need, do not hesitate to contact us on: info@visionvoyages.com


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